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Swish Templates | SwishMax Templates

SWISH and SWISHMAX are the "layperson's" version of Flash. The application used to develop your site is inexpensive and the learning curve is non-existent compared to that of Flash. With tons or pre-built features and animations ready to drag and drop onto your website, SWISH is the answer for anyone who wants to tackle their own animated Flash-style website without the huge learning curve and expense of Adobe Flash.

Our Web Templates have two pricing options - "Regular" and "Unique". You will see the "Unique" price listed on the preview page.

For most customers the "regular" price is applicable; however if you wish to purchase a design at the "unique" price, it will guarantee that you are the last person to buy this template. After this exclusive purchase occurs the template is permanently removed from our sales directory and will never be available to other customers again. Only you and people who bought the template before you will own it.

Note: This is not a license to redistribute or resell your purchased templates.


Cool SWISH and SWISH Max Templates

I was knocking my head off trying to learn Flash. Just couldn't get it. But your SWISH templates were so easy to use I had my headers built in hours. Not to mention the SWISH program is so much cheaper to buy than Flash ... Make more of these SWISH template designs please.

Johnny M,

I love SWISHMAX, but since it's not nearly as big as Flash nobody seems to make website templates for it. I was so happy when I found you had tons of great SWISH MAX template designs. Love them, want more!

K. Thomas,

SWISH templates! soooo sweet. Thanks guys. I can't afford to work in Flash. That damn program costs too much. BUT I have a copy of SWISH MAX already so your SwishMAX template designs and animations were perfect for my school project. Feel free to use this testimonial if you want.

Betty Snelling,
Washington, DC

Your SWISH templates made creating animated websites soooooooooo much easier than having to use Flash. I had SWISH mastered in just a few days and created a site just as good as any Flash site I'm sure. Thanks,  

Carl James,

Note to Customers:  We carry Swish, SwishMax, SwishMax 2, SwishMax 3, (SwishMax2 SwishMax3), so be sure to look at the "version" listing for the template you choose.