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SilverLight Template Designs

Silverlight is Microsoft's answer to Adobe Flash. Our Silverlight Website Templates deliver the best of both worlds. By leveraging the .Net framework, the Silverlight tools help you create visually rich experiences while providing backend support for rapid development.

Silverlight Web Template Themes

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Cool MicroSoft SilverLight Website Templates

I'm new to using MicroSoft's new SilverLight program. But these Silverlight website templates really helped to make it easy. Are you going to be designing any new one's soon?

Lacy Stevens,

You guys must be the only template store on the web with SilverLight Template options. I looked everywhere. Thanks for answering a void in the market.

Billy Wigin,
Charleston, WV

This is my first site using the Silver Light platform from Mircosoft.  Not sure if I like it, but I can say that I do like your Silverlight website templates.  At least they were easy to work with.  I'll be back for other types in the future.  Thanks,

Marty S.,

Silverlight template designs. Hmmmm this is great. I didn't think anyone was using the Silver Light platform .. at least selling web templates for it anyway... My boss is making me use it, so I'm glad I have a little "cheat".