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Design Your Own Business Logo

Our Logo Sets are essentially a collection of graphic elements which are visually related.   They can then be mixed and matched to create thousands of unique logo designs through different combinations.   It's like a graphic Mr. Potato Head set.

Our Web Templates have two pricing options - "Regular" and "Unique". You will see the "Unique" price listed on the preview page.

For most customers the "regular" price is applicable; however if you wish to purchase a design at the "unique" price, it will guarantee that you are the last person to buy this template. After this exclusive purchase occurs the template is permanently removed from our sales directory and will never be available to other customers again. Only you and people who bought the template before you will own it.

Note: This is not a license to redistribute or resell your purchased templates.


Cool Logo Components

I love these Logo sets! I am able to easily create so many cool new logo concepts for my clients and it only takes me a few minutes and few bucks. What a time saver.

Charlie S.

These logo sets are a God send for a graphic artist like me. They save me so much time and effort which means more money in my pocket. They are also great when I hit a creative wall and just can't come up with any good Logo concepts. I just throw a few of these collections together and the ideas start to flow.

Mary Steiner,

I want to express my thanks to the support team for pointing out these Logo Design Sets to me. They have been invaluable for my business allowing me to create new logos for all my sites at virtually no cost at all.  Great way to save money.  And I ended up with some very cool logo designs.

Phillipe Beaner,

This is the best.  I did not want to use a logo that who knows how many others have purchased.   This was the perfect solution for someone with limited graphic skills.  I pieced together three or four of the concept elements and just like that I had created my own business logo.  And I love it.

Mary Jenkins.