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Cool Flash Web Site Templates

Our Flash website templates are the cutting edge in web design.   Each Flash Web Template also includes a full HTML only version which you can use to develop a sister site if desired.   In addition all graphics are provided as PSD files so you can customize the graphics in Photoshop and within Flash.

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Our Web Templates have two pricing options - "Regular" and "Unique". You will see the "Unique" price listed on the preview page.

For most customers the "regular" price is applicable; however if you wish to purchase a design at the "unique" price, it will guarantee that you are the last person to buy this template. After this exclusive purchase occurs the template is permanently removed from our sales directory and will never be available to other customers again. Only you and people who bought the template before you will own it.

Note: This is not a license to redistribute or resell your purchased templates.


Cool Flash Web Templates

I've been wanting a cool Flash website for years but I never had the cash to pay someone. When I found your Flash website templates I nearly flippped out. They are amazing! 3D animation and great special effects. All I had to do was pop in my content, which wasn't too hard. And the trouble I did have, your support showed me the answers right there in your tutorial pages. Anyway, Blue Gel is sweet, I'll be back for more.

Jim Hastings,

I wish I'd found you guys a while ago. I must have spent the past month trying to learn how to design in Flash... and my site still sucked. Your Adobe Flash website templates were spot on. Just what I wanted and more.

Carly Linkler,
San Fransisco CA

Can't wait to show my boss these Flash web templates. He's been going on about Flash for weeks now and how we need it in our site. But nobody here knew how to build a Flash site, so he asked me to find some sort of cheap solution. And here it is. Don't go anywhere Blue Gel, I want to keep using these designs... (for my own sites too).


Simply lovely! I've never seen so many beautiful Flash animated websites before. Well not so many Flash web templates I mean. Anyway I'm really happy to have found them and I just wanted to thank your team for the great support they gave me working with the action scripting and Flash layouts.


So easy to build a website! I can't believe how quickly I put together a real great Flash website using your Flash website Templates. If I'd have known it was this easy to build a web site I would have done it a long time ago

Candice Phillmore,

Love the huge selection of Flash web templates you guys. I can't wait to until you start doing full 3D Flash websites, that's going to be cool.